The Cavour aircraft carrier arrives in Genoa

Tuesday, 6 November, 2018


Have you ever seen an aircraft carrier? The only one that can be visited in the European Union arrives in Genoa. From 7 to 15 November 2018, in fact, the aircraft carrier Cavour, a jewel of Italian technology built by Fincantieri in the Riva Trigoso shipyards, stops at Ponte Doria. During the period of stay of the ship in the Port of Genoa, the Municipality of Genoa and the Navy have agreed the organization of free tours on board for Genoese, tourists and curious.

The ship has a total length of 244 meters, the length of the flight deck is 220 m with a width of 34. Its hangar can accommodate up to 12 helicopters or, alternatively, 8 planes. On board it has a medical area that is a real floating hospital equipped with the most modern equipment. The ship is also visited by students interested in careers in the maritime-port area of ​​the San Giorgio Nautical Institute and as part of the Guidelines Exhibition organized by the Regional Agency for Training and Employment - ALFA Liguria from 13 to November 15th.
In addition, Admiral Marzano on behalf of the men and women of the Naval Squadron, in agreement with Mayor, on Sunday 11 November hosts Cavour, the families of the victims of the Morandi Bridge and of the Piloti Tower, the displaced persons and representatives of assistance and assistance intervened in the tragic events.