Science Festival 2017-Genoa

Monday, 25 September, 2017

To start filing this issue 2017 the theme Contacts. Science is made of contacts: contact between theory and experimentation, synergies between disciplines, interaction between simple elements that generate complexity. There are unifying contacts and contacts that trigger competition and conflict. Our thoughts arise from the contact of myriad neurons in our brains, and our existence is based on contacts between people, cultures and ideas that determine social, economic and industrial progress and development. Of this and much more will be the fifteenth edition of the Science Festival 2017 in Genoa. Genoa - For 2017, the Genoa Science Festival renews the tradition of the host country that will be Japan. The Science Festival is one of the world's largest science-spreading events, a gathering opportunity for researchers, enthusiasts, schools and families. Meetings, workshops, shows and conferences to tell science in an innovative and engaging way, with interactive and transversal events. 11 days when the barriers between mathematical, natural and human sciences will be cut down and research can be taped, seen.