Science Festival 2018 - Genoa

Tuesday, 9 October, 2018


Science teaches us that change is inevitable and unstoppable, but that it can also be determined by our Choices. and, in this perspective, the science-technology binomial increasingly imposes itself as an essential vehicle for change and Innovation.
The Festival will talk about big science, but also how science can and must contribute to change and foster relationships between different cultures. The central topics of the 2018 edition also include the new frontiers of medicine, climate change and global Sustainability. A special space will be dedicated to technology, intended as a fundamental driver for the change and improvement of the quality of life of people with Disabilities.

The sixteenth edition of the Festival of science once again renews the tradition of the host Country. This year, to accept the invitation is israel, with which Italy has a fruitful collaboration in the field of scientific research and technological development and that, for historical and geographic reasons, has made the change its reason to exist, emerging in Panorama of World Science and technological Innovation.