Seaside Town

Friday, 16 March, 2018


The seaside towns have their own peculiar literature. Seaside town and a hinterland also somehow illuminated by the sea; just think of the Venetian nature of Comisso and its Adriatic stories that have all the flavor of salt and wind. Like the sea, even the literature that is born, like Venus, from its spume, is very varied. Genoa, lady of the sea and the seas, has had, for example, a great sea literature. Not only masterpieces, Montale, the great Ligurian tradition, a protagonist of the twentieth century. In relatively recent years, Biamonti, a very strong, powerful sea writer. When I met Natta, at the funeral of Vidali, we did not talk about politics but about Biamonti and the Genoese sea. There is also a significant, excellent medium literature, the one that constitutes the nerve, the fabric, the backbone of a culture, such as the excellent saga of Mario Dentone.
Italy is a whole sea route, city coasts and islands where - as in some of those that will be discussed in Genoa - glories and tragedies of centuries are indissoluble from the songs and epics that have been told. A poetic portolano that contains large, very large pages. The sea wins, says N'toni in the Malavoglia, but how life wins over us.