Sisport Genoa

Friday, 13 April, 2018


Sisport is an Amateur Sports Society, specialized in outdoor sports, children's activities and functional and integrated gymnastics.

The sports facility is located inside the Palaerbe of vico Chiuso dei eroi 2 and proposes for the spring period many interesting initiatives, all under the banner of psychophysical wellbeing and the ability to relate to oneself and the outside world.

Friday 13 and Saturday 14 April #MONDOSISPORT

Sisport stand at the Village of the Mezza di Genova
In the context of the Mezza di Genova, a Sisport stand will be set up at the Village in Piazza de Ferrari.
Opportunity to get to know the Sisport world up close. It will also be possible to register and request information on the courses.
• Sunday, April 15 #RITMICA

Tournament of the Sisport Historical Center
Circuit of three annual rhythmic gymnastics competitions. Born from the need to involve in competition even the girls just entered the world of gymnastics.