Valle Christi International Festival 2017

Thursday, 6 July, 2017

Valle Christi International 2017 Festival: an edition on the thread of emotion. This will be the "driving motive of the event," says Cristina Köning (artistic consultancy), highlighting the "great variety of proposals for a program that wants to be for all tastes". Emotion of the shows, those of the Festival Valle Christi of Rapallo 2017, emotion of the concerts of Valle Christi Jazz 2017, the exhibition dedicated to the jazz music inserted for the second year in the event, and the Concert at the Abbey of San Fruttuoso 2017 . And, to encompass everything, the emotions of the places: from the Monumental Complex of Valle Christi to the Abbey of the Fai - Fondo Ambiente Italiano, which, at the foot of the Monte di Portofino, throws its secular history into the sea. San Michele di Pagana, corner of land where Liguria is reflected in the water and novelty of the 2017 edition.