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The wonderfully ornate and very original private residences belonging to the city’s aristocratic families which, in 1576, started to host the distinguished guests of the Republic of Genoa.
On 13 July 2006, "Genoa: Le Strade Nuove and the System of the Palazzi dei Rolli" was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The site is part of an urban design model mainly consisting of two streets dating from the Modern Age, the so-called "Strade Nuove" (new streets), Via Garibaldi and Via Balbi, built by the city’s wealthiest and most powerful aristocratic families to erect their residences on the edge of the historic centre in two subsequent periods (16th and 17th century).
The Strade Nuove represent an extraordinary example of an urban and architectural development project with a unitary framework, where the plans for the noble residences were specially parcelled out. They have remained at the centre of the modern city – in a pivotal position between the medieval streets to the south and the modern traffic system to the north – as the most precious element of 16th-17th century development projects.
The System of the "Palazzi dei Rolli"
Within the historic centre, the new architectural models were imitated by erecting numerous palazzi, giving rise to a unique system of aristocratic residences. This network of palaces was made official in 1576 with a Senate Decree promulgating an official list of the palaces obliged to host state visits (list of the Public Lodgings or "Rolli"), thus acknowledging their particular value.
The area inscribed on UNESCO’s list therefore extends also to a section of the historic centre which runs through Via Lomellini, Piazza Fossatello and Via San Luca up to Piazza Banchi, the merchant heart of the old town. Along this stretch are located some of the most significant examples of the Palazzi dei Rolli built in the Modern Age within the medieval fabric.
The complete list:

  1. DORIA, ANTONIO (Prefecture): largo Lanfranco, 1
  2. DELLA ROVERE, CLEMENTE: piazza Rovere, 1
  3. SPINOLA, GIORGIO: salita S. Caterina, 4
  4. SPINOLA, TOMMASO (Pessagno): salita S. Caterina, 3
  5. SPINOLA, GIACOMO (Spinola “dei Marmi”): piazza Fontane Marose, 6
  6. AYROLO, AGOSTINO (Negrone): piazza Fontane Marose, 3-4
  7. INTERIANO, PAOLO E NICOLÒ (Pallavicino): piazza Fontane Marose, 2
  8. PALLAVICINI, AGOSTINO (Banca Popolare di Brescia): via Garibaldi, 1
  9. SPINOLA, PANTALEO (Banco di Chiavari e della Riviera Ligure): via Garibaldi, 2
  10. LERCARI, FRANCO (Lercari Parodi): via Garibaldi, 3
  11. PALLAVICINI, TOBIA (Chamber of Commerce): via Garibaldi, 4
  12. SPINOLA, ANGELO GIOVANNI (Deutsche Bank): via Garibaldi, 5
  13. SPINOLA, GIO. BATTISTA (Doria): via Garibaldi, 6
  14. LOMELLINI, NICOLOSIO (Podestà): via Garibaldi, 7
  15. SPINOLA, LAZZARO E GIACOMO (Cattaneo Adorno): via Garibaldi, 8-10
  16. GRIMALDI, NICOLÒ (Strada Nuova Museums - Palazzo Tursi): via Garibaldi, 9
  17. LOMELLINI, BALDASSARRE (Campanella): via Garibaldi, 12
  18. GRIMALDI, LUCA (Strada Nuova Museums - Palazzo Bianco): via Garibaldi, 11
  19. BRIGNOLE SALE, RODOLFO E FRANCESCO (Strada Nuova Museums - Palazzo Rosso): via Garibaldi, 18
  20. GRIMALDI, GEROLAMO (della Meridiana): salita S. Francesco, 4
  21. BRIGNOLE, GIO. CARLO (Durazzo): piazza Meridiana, 2
  22. LOMELLINO, BARTOLOMEO: largo Zecca, 4
  23. LOMELLINI, STEFANO (Balbi Piovera): via Cairoli, 18
  24. LOMELLINI, GIACOMO (Patrone): largo Zecca, 2
  25. CATTANEO, ANTONIOTTO (Belinbau): piazza della Nunziata, 2
  26. BALBI, G. AGOSTINO (Cattaneo Adorno): via Balbi, 1
  27. BALBI, GIO. FRANCESCO: via Balbi, 2
  28. BALBI, GIACOMO E PANTALEO: via Balbi, 4
  29. BALBI PIOVERA, FRANCESCO (Raggio): via Balbi, 6
  30. BALBI, STEFANO (Palazzo Reale Museum): via Balbi, 10
  31. CENTURIONE, COSMO (Durazzo Pallavicini): via Lomellini, 8
  32. CENTURIONE, GIORGIO: via Lomellini, 5
  33. CENTURIONE, GIO. BATTISTA (Cambiaso): via del Campo, 1
  34. PALLAVICINI, CIPRIANO (Rayper): piazza Fossatello, 2
  35. SPINOLA, NICOLÒ: via Sasn Luca, 14
  36. GRIMALDI, FRANCESCO (Palazzo Spinola National Gallery): piazza Pellicceria, 1
  37. GRIMALDI, GIO. BATTISTA (Cattaneo di Belforte): vico S. Luca, 4
  38. GRIMALDI, GIO. BATTISTA: piazza S. Luca, 2
  39. DE MARI, STEFANO: via S. Luca, 5
  40. DE NIGRO, AMBROGIO: via S. Luca, 2
  41. DI NEGRO, EMANUELE FILIBERTO: via Ponte Reale, 2
  42. DE MARINI-CROCE: piazza Demarini, 1

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